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Review by Laudanum

Laudanum Look, I’m 47. I go see Phish, I go see jazz, I go see prog. Occasionally I’ll go see a metal show and fool myself into thinking I’m seeing something scary or dangerous. But metal’s faux-scary these days, so wrapped in its comic book trappings that it engenders a feeling of the comfortable no matter how often the word death gets tossed in. But last night, man, last night was some scary f***ing music. When I closed my eyes and blocked out the familiar (dancing hippies, Kuroda’s strangely fitting Art Deco lights) I was 18 again, pressed up against the back of the Gothic Theater, loaded and frightened out of my mind as Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy bathed himself and the front of the crowd in fake blood to the sounds of collapsing civilization. So industrial is what I keep returning to in trying to describe last night to myself, just to make some sense of it. I was not expecting *that*. If I were to describe the music in the way I might describe a Phish concert, I’d say it was like hearing Tool play Split Open and Melt for an hour. Or like an alternate universe where Trey and Les had met as teenagers and Phimus were a decades old vampire ayahuasca band. Or like having three amazing concerts playing in separate YouTube tabs all at once. But all that misses the mark on the deeper, stranger emotional impact of Trey’s endless echoes mixed with Claypool’s bad acid trip crackle/thump and whatever the hell mad man of the mountain Copeland is doing back there. Seriously, dude is like a Bond villain or something. I bet he has an underwater base. Anyway, I’ve got tickets to tonight as well, but there’s a taste of fear in my mouth. I love it.
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Review by KrishnaDirty

KrishnaDirty Everyone one is shitting on this show but the first and the third set were fire. : ) Pebbles and Marbles was an amazing start to an awesome encore. One of my favorite tunes ever. Beneath a Sea of Stars isn’t typically a great encore choice but in this context it worked fine, adding some depth and texture before blasting into IZABELLA. Fuck yeah. Chalkdust Reprise was a monumental cherry on top for me personally. As of writing this, the first song I’ve ever heard Phish play live was Chalkdust Torture (Bonnaroo 09); now the most recent encore I’ve ever seen is Chalkdust Reprise. I’ve come full circle and I’ll now ride off into the sunset and see Oysterhead which was technically the first time I ever saw Trey play live. Gonna bust up all the full circle shit with summer tour 2020 but it’s cool for now. See you all @ Piedmont Park and Deer Creek. In conclusion any show that contains Guelah, The Curtain, Alumni Blues, It’s Ice, After Midnight, Pebbles, Izabella, and a [b]Chalkdust[/b] [s]fucking[/s] [b]Reprise[/b] closer can’t be as bad as the rating and some of these reviews make it look. Be kind to each other out there.
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Review by headyburritos

headyburritos Walking out of this show, I knew the second set was one of the best I had seen up to that point. Looking back and listening to it time and again, I now realize how deep and psychedelic the second set is. NMINML and Carini are basically one long, extended, spacey jam. They reach some weird psychedelic space and run with it for nearly 45 minutes. I'm sure at the time I was lost deep in the space sauce, and the same can be said even upon relistens. A 5 song second set with no slow songs or down time is about as perfect as it gets, and this set is no exception. Ghost continues the space achieved in the first two songs, Hood keeps the peaks and energy going, and Cavern is a well-executed and fun set closer. The first set and encore are no slouches either, but not nearly as action packed as that second set. For the goods, check this one out ASAP
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Review by EducateFright

EducateFright For phans who love Talking Heads - and I am one of them - this is a dream come true, and words almost fail to describe how awesome this is. I keep coming back to this show again and again. I mainly want to urge you not to overlook Listening Wind and The Overload, the two tracks that conclude Remain In Light. They are terribly bleak and ploddingly slow... quite the end a funked up and angular new wave album! Phish gives them an absolutely stunning reading. The Overload in particular is a total mindfuck, and the ending will surely surprise you. I'd love it if they busted out The Overload... Imagine if they defiled our minds by dropping it in the encore slot... Or Mike's -> Frankie Says -> The Overload -> Mike's... You really never do know what they're going to play next... Maybe they'll cover I Zimbra some day! Check out the videos of this performance on YouTube.
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Review by The_Good_Doctor

The_Good_Doctor Going into a show we assume that anything can happen. But somewhere between Charleston and Pittsburgh, we became reasonably sure of what wouldn’t happen in South Carolina. There would be no repeats and most jam vehicles, like Harry Hood and Tweezer, were off the table. Carolina opened and was followed by Party Time, which together confirmed that it was time to get down in the Palmetto State – setlist mainstays be damned. Strawberry Letter 23 came next with its plaintive yearning that was quickly soothed by the greasy swagger of Undermind. Phish leaned on the depth of their repertoire with a boisterous, bluesy rendering of I’ve Been Around, before breezing into the technical eloquence of Divided Sky, and then nailing the delightfully gritty rocker about everyone’s favorite nipple-slicer, The Sloth. The first set could’ve gone anywhere next and to the joy of all, they launched full-throttle into Destiny Unbound. Destiny enjoys celebrity status in Phishdom, not only for the legendary Nassau bustout (02/28/03), but also because it is a righteously fun singalong. This Destiny veered off the map and cruised into uncharted territory adding a new dimension to an old favorite. The first set continued with serviceable takes on We are Come to Outlive Our Brains and My Friend, My Friend before plunging into the inky darkness of About to Run. They resurfaced with The Horse > Silent in the Morning and then closed with a frenetic David Bowie. Set II blasted off with Axilla before locking into orbit around Scents and Subtle Sounds. Scents was conjoined with its oft omitted intro whose lyrics implore us to live one moment at a time, aligning with the ‘surrender to the flow’ theme that would be revisited later in the set. The Scents instrumental section began with explorations by Trey and Page while Fish and Mike supported patiently. The searching broke through and ballooned into an expansive, gooey pulse that Koruda bathed in strands of ultramarine and lavender. Each instrument urgently probed the ether until the music swirled into a heaving mass punctuated by peekaboo guitar licks and keyboard stabs, the latter entering the mix with the ferocity of a dropkicked hornet’s nest. Trey introduced a string of descending power chords that tumbled into a brief, but slinky start/stop section before easing into a plinko riff underpinned by Mike’s swooping bassline and Page’s lilting clavinet. The jam spilled out like a breached dam and collected into uneasy, shimmering pool. As the vapors of Scents ascended, the opening notes of No Quarter fluttered in like leaves on crisp fall breeze. The guy in front of me abandoned his row and sprang onto the handrail with the athleticism of a gymnast and the enthusiasm of a televangelist. With a fist raised he unleashed a primal, guttural howl essential to that moment, just as Page’s watery vocal launched the song’s explosion into buzzsaw psychedelia. From there the second set sailed smoothly through the transient funk of Your Pet Cat, a fairly standard Mercury (minus a verse), and reached shore with The Lizards that again reminded us to surrender to the moment. Set II closed with a raging Suzy Greenberg and as midnight neared, Bittersweet Motel led the encore with Erie fittingly swapped out for Charleston. Death Don’t Hurt Very Long landed in the second slot. If cow funk describes the origins of Ghost and Moma Dance, then Death is the toadstool funk that cropped up after the cows left the pasture. The night ended ceremoniously with the sparkling glory of Loving Cup and Page brought us all back home spent, but eager and ready for night two.
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Review by ziggybirds

ziggybirds Got there early because this boomer fossil needs to sit and I know the venue. While waiting in line, Mike stepped out of his bus which was parked outside the Crystal. It took a few minutes for others to realize. He was gracious to a number of fans. A good start. Got a front row balcony seat with an excellent view of the stage. By show time, it was sardine city downstairs. Spectacular show. Hope they release it for DL. Typical Phish crowd. Fun. Two young ladies dancing next to me. Both wanted me to dance. I declined. Nikki ‘with a K’ was a hoot. The sound was perfect. Crowd moved like a living organism. Light show, including lit guitars, great. A ‘wow’ show for me.
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Review by hlsidlephan

hlsidlephan I was so excited for this show, I couldn't sleep for a week. I missed night one and two. Additionally, I was taking a couple of my buddies to their first shows. We pre-gamed the show at Rudy's and scored $4 pitchers that included free hot dogs. Man oh man did we have a squad - @GratefulRobinson, @MartyJanus, @JeffieGreenberg, @MyCousin_Vinny, and Joe. I was itching for a "Punch" opener, but Wilson was a solid choice. By show 19, I still have yet to see the same opener twice. The pattern held true with this Wilson. The energy was hot and CK5 was lighting up the crowd during the signature Trey E major chord riff. Next came, "Final Hurrah", which was performed solidly. No crazy jams until "Blaze On." Curtis Lowe came out of nowhere. Few were expecting it. I loved the rendition, which Page sang soulfully. That song was stuck in my head for the following days after the show. Blaze On was a fantastic jam. Because of the monster Tweezer, it was overlooked, but it was up there as one of the best jams of the four nights. Around 11 minutes in, the band settled into a catchy groove and developed it far past typical Blaze On territory. I see a large amount of potential in Blaze On, and I predict that it will continue to be a vehicle for exploratory jamming. It is always fascinating when you leave a show and forgot they played a Mike's Groove. It is easy to overlook the Mike's because of the brevity of the songs, but the Contact sandwiched in the middle was a good choice. As much as I love a class Hydrogen, the Contact fit perfectly. In the middle of Contact, they settled into another funky groove that stood out to me at the show. It was almost like Trey, Mike, and Page were playing three different chords until they converged to a certain sound. Fish kept the funk beat steady. I would have liked them to continue to jam it out, but eventually Mike came back in to finish the verses. About to Run and More were performed fine, but back to back were nothing too exciting. Given the high quality of the preceding songs, nobody complained. Now let's talk about the meat and the potatoes. Never could have imagined that they would be able to top the final night of Alpine 2019, but they somehow managed to do so. Around 20 minutes into the Tweezer I had completely forgotten what song was being played. The jam had many different movements and ended with the "Let's Go Blue" sports chant. What an ending. A major moment in Phish history, not just because of the length, but also the high quality. I believe that the Ruby Waves that followed the Tweezer was an ode to the Alpine Ruby Waves. In this 1997-style set, there was nonstop exploratory jamming and the band gave the fans exactly what they wanted. The pan story added a level of strangeness and few had any idea what was going on. He hit me on the head with a pan. My buddy Vinny then replied, "ding." We were supposedly going to get a Harpua. Unfortunately, I had to step outside and I missed the last two songs. But wow... what a show. It was a treat to get to attend this special evening. I will write up my New Years review over the weekend.
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Review by joekites

joekites Monday night, raining and terrible weather, but...it's 12/30...The walk in, you can tell the people and building were palpitating, this is a PHISH night, no gimmicks. Long story short - Phish at their best. CK5 at his best. At MSG. I will not say this is 'the best Phish show' by any means, but all 5 guys were firing on all cylinders, in an MSG filled with phans giving and taking the energy as much as Phish was giving and taking those peaks. A truly memorable experience that has been a pleasure to re-live listening again several times. PS I am not a religious man, but boy, did Page bring me to Church during that Tweezer. Tears. And CK5 is defining the next level of lighting in any venue, let alone MSG.
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Review by hotfunksupe

hotfunksupe For those who were knowledgeable Phish fans and attended this show, it goes down as one of the best. I’m amazed at the lack of love for this show. I guess it may have to do with the lack of an amazing quality tape. But let me tell you why... It was a beautiful night. You had kids from many colleges descending into Binghamton from all over. What that meant was - kids from Syracuse met up w their pals from Binghamton and Cornell and All over. The lot scene was magical and this is before phones, so it just all happened. On the marquis it said “Reba McIntyre” and Phish “sold out.” Believe me My friend and I made note of the Reba mention...more on that... I was GA floor up front between Trey and Mike. Magilla opener!!! What?? That didn’t happen very often if ever. Fishman with just a raging New Orleans groove. Page’s opening licks were just stellar, Trey’s solo was so tasty and then Fishman did a solo!! What a start. After super solid Rift and Wilson, an absolute tight Gin that was so sticky and slinky. Another thing - this show was the first I saw since Hoist was out. Full disclosure - didn’t like the album at first. I was into the jamming and this album had little - save for the Melt jam after Demand. So when Julius started, we were primed from the amazing start of the set, but still had to be convinced. I think Trey knew this as well and holy f*** was that convincing. He just RIPPED. The Stash was great and the Coil was gorgeous to end the set...always love when Page gets to say - “stick around.” As we sat in the GA floor going over the first set, we were psyched and ready for the next set and.... Sample - rocking as always And then - perhaps one of the all time best Reba jams that never gets discussed. Yes - there was a little feedback but once the jam starts...oh man. It’s just so good. Peaches!!! An always welcome Big Ball Jan and then... Demand debut! Wow! Nice but what would it go into? MIKES - ok now during this Mikes Trey started playing with his pedals in a way that he hadn’t ever before. It was menacing. Angry. Dramatic. This was when Kuroda let loose with what seemed like the most fog/smoke ever during the Mikes jam and only had slow strobes. You actually couldn’t see the band or basically anything more than a foot in front of you. Just strobes and then that crazy menacing squibble effect Trey had. When Hydrogen came on it was actually literal Oxygen and I finally took a breath. How do you reward such horror darkness? With an absolute insane Weekapaug-Tela-Slave. Come on people!! This is up there w 12/30/93
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Review by bjr713

bjr713 This was my first-time seeing Mike solo and he did not disappoint! Right out of the gate they started hitting peaks. Scott Murawski takes you there in a unique way and Chicago was along for the ride. Mike does a special shoutout to his Chicago fans to show his appreciation for us. Part of that, Mike said "since we were 'with us' that he was going to share some new songs." The band is obviously built around Mike and the bass is upfront as it should be. Which lead to some pretty funky jams. At times it reminded me more of a P-Funk show than Phish. Then it got trippy with Craig Myers and Robert Walter adding the effects. Some dude that looked like Indigo Montoya fell on me. The band played mostly Mike songs and they were great. You know when you finally hear something live and "get it?" Then there was the Mike Phish songs. I gotta say "Meat" was actually more enjoyable for me than when I've seen it with Phish. Maybe it was the extra magic of the small venue. Maybe something else in the recipe..? "Waking Up Dead" really woke the dead! And "Funky Bitch", what else do you have to say? Hard to say the most outstanding moment for me but the jam with "Steps ->Victim 3d" was nirvana. Before the encore, Mike said something like "I don't usually do this, but I'll be out there by the thing". (As opposed to driving around in a golf cart? #gordoninagolfcart) So I ran to the merch table before they walked off stage. After 25 years I was finally going to meet someone from Phish! I got a poster signed and a fistbump from one of my heroes. Thalia Hall was built in like the 1890's and was boarded up for a long long time. There were renovations to open it again. The theater is probably not what it was in its heyday with elaborate painting and such but the sound was spot on. We were about 2/3 back on the floor which was right in the center of the room. Mostly a GA floor with like a 3-row ring and some boxes above. Nice small place to see someone we love like Mike. I hope Mike makes this an annual visit. It was a very special night. Peace.
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Review by ZachDrums428

ZachDrums428 (Disclaimer: my reviews of shows are not affected my the quality of the bootleg recordings) 2001 was solid, an interesting start to a show. Definitely gives the feeling of “lift off!”. Once we’ve reached a cruising altitude, Funky Bitch seems like a true “start” to the show. All the members are shining on this one. Mike seems to be trying some new things vocally while Trey plays a furious solo while page brings some true funk in his. After sparkle comes Tweezer. During the tweezer jam, Trey plays a lot of long sustained notes to slowly and more intently build tension. Part way through this, Mike adds dissonant counterpoint “melody” to create sort of a tug of war feeling with Trey’s playing. Page takes a lead near the end. I don’t know if it was planned but there is an incredibly smooth transition from tweezer right into Theme, which still sounds slightly “unsolved” by the band at this point. Talk sounded very new still and the vocal melody sounds pretty out of range fro Trey’s voice. However Page compliments this song very well. Character Zero is fantastic in this recording. That band is definitely really excited to play this and having tons of fun as it was still new to them. It almost sounds like they’re teasing a vocal jam near the end! Everything until Gin is pretty typical. Gin at this point is still played with disorienting rhythms to start and just gets darker and darker harmonically throughout. Scent of a Mule has a cool spot where Trey does some vocal jamming alongside his guitar playing. Always found this song to be fascinating. Wish I knew more about it’s origins and the writing process for it. Later in the set, the band debuts an a cappella Star Spangled Banner and is prefaced with the explanation that the Lakers invited them to perform it before a game. The crowd really seemed to love this... I mean who wouldn’t (; David Bowie isn’t quite as shreddy as I’ve heard from some other shows before this tour. Trey plays with some more intention. There’s a very dark and spacey start to the jam, with Fishman not supplying much of a back beat, which creates a feeling of forever floating while the jam slowly builds with much discipline. Perhaps a hint at what was to come in 97’. I’d give this show a 3.75 out of 5
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Review by ODiggidy

ODiggidy First time seeing Mike Gordon and his band, and boy was it a good time! Great jams, some minor technical issues, a modest yet energetic crowd and some killer songs to end the night! First set had some pretty nice jams that really clicked, in Yarmouth Road a few other spots, and that new midi instrument was mesmerizing! Second set was just killer too, intense jamming and some "woo" moments (but everyone resisted the urge to "woo") and some nice melodic/ambient moments that had you staring at he sealing following the pretty moving lights. Ruby Soho was energetic and had a massive jam that really ended the show on a high note. And Sugar Shack is just a different song when Mike does it with his band, and it was a great encore tonight! Fun night and lots of people were having their fair share of good times!
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Review by Phriend_of_the_Devil

Phriend_of_the_Devil Unquestionably one of the top three or four 3.0 shows and definitely among the all-time greats. A fun side note - on the way in, I was telling my son Seth about being at 12/30/94 and the first ever "Wilson!" chant, and we both agreed that we were going to be getting a Wilson opener. As Trey walked on and grabbed his guitar, Seth loudly mimicked the "BA-dah, BA-dah" E chords, which rang out for real two seconds later, and got a perfect "Wait, wut?" look from the guy next to us.
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Review by PhunkyBallOfTits

PhunkyBallOfTits Anybody else hear the Ginseng Sullivan tease in the Tweezer? It's around the 23:30 mark of the official video of Tweezer. I love that section of the song, and if I'm having a shit day at work, I immediately put that section on bc it's just so damn beautiful and calming. I prob listened to it 30 times before I recognized the GS lick.
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Review by icculusFTW

icculusFTW My question with a show like -- who are these raters who are NOT giving it 5 stars? If this isn't a five star show....there is no five star show. Everything any person could ever want from a concert. And more. And more. And yes, there's more. Perhaps *the* classic show, from arguably Phish's greatest creative peak.
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Review by pikepredator

pikepredator 12/28 shows tend to be overlooked, and the first one ever doesn't do the date many favors at the start. Quite the shaky 1st quarter to this show, some weird audio issues as well as overall iffy playing through the middle of Reba. It's only the third-ever Horn, definitely leaves a lot to be desired and it's impressive how far this little ballad has come. In the middle of the Reba jam, it feels like Trey relaxes and the band gets locked in, and for the rest of the show they are tighter, more confident, more what I expect from 1990 Phish. Llama is *hot*, my first set highlight. Set 2 on phish.in sounds even better. The Coil outro jam is actually quite funky, not the usual Page solo - my favorite thing in the show to this point. There is a weird, choppy segue into Tweezer and some quality jamming, mixing in Manteca into what I believe is the first-ever Tweezer sandwich!! It sounds like they're having way more fun than the beginning of set 1. Page goes bananas in Divided Sky and we land in the Fishman segment, which is a riot . . . and then Popper shows up part-way through to yet more sparkle. Must've been a blast to be at this show as it just keeps getting better and more fun. There's a very YEM-like VJ in Don't Get me Wrong, and another dose of Popper in Funky Bitch before winding down with a standard encore. Coil and the Tweezer sandwich are definitely worth a listen, as is Llama. The whole John Popper sequence works quite well, he's always blended better with the band than some other special guests.
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Review by 10a_cJedi

10a_cJedi Tweeprise in the most wonderful place! Magilla > Guelah Papyrus is one of my favorite medleys, I'm partial to Nectar. Then the vibe went sideways fast... =( Yet, I believe it was truly 6 years 9 months 3 days later that he pulled out the stops that he said he would. Closing Nassau With a Firey Tweeprise, to open next show In PROVIDENCE at Civic Center with a brutally confident Tweezer. It was only the start of that 2 night run's fuse. =) (~) ;}
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Review by C_P_N

C_P_N Took MDMA for the first time in my life at this show. What a trip. I had a few Sec 119 chicken sandwiches, so the stuff didn't kick in until set break. We tried to link up with an extended crew, but couldn't find them so went back to our seats. I now get Phish on another level. And hell it doesn't get any better when I get a Punch opener while high. At the end of the second set I blurted out "THAT'S IT?" in disbelief at how short the set was. And then the gag kicks in and boy was I on another level. Capping it off with a YEM too, holy crap what a night. The MDMA wore off half way through YEM. Still though, I had a great night. I don't know though. 12/30 vs 12/31 high will be a battle I'll have internally trying to figure out what's better. Set 1 picks: Sparkle, Fluffhead, Maze Set 2: That whole set from start to finish. Set 3 picks: Sand, You Enjoy Myself. ( I think Trey getting stuck, WTU, and Drift really made the energy go wonky. I know I felt different while getting hit with it)
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Review by Miguelito

Miguelito Another solid outing in this fantastic tour, this one has much to offer with numerous highlights in both sets. In the first, the Helter Skelter to open is notable as they had debuted it earlier in the tour as part of the Halloween set and is also the last time it’s been played. I’d love to see this as a bust-out! The Maze is chaotic, frenzied and fantastic. The Divided Sky, another highlight, is splendid. We also get an always-welcome Forbin’s > Mockingbird, which has a Vibration of Life in there as well, that transitions nicely into the narration. The set-closing DWD is a raging version that caps off this fine set with lots of pep. The second set is stacked with highlights, with the Bowie being particularly fine. This one rages and is worthy of several listens. It was a strong year for Bowie, and, while I prefer a few others from this year over this one, this one holds its own. The mid-set YEM is a classic version, and serves as a nice centerpiece to this great set. The Slave a few songs later is another highlight, and this is a beautiful, majestic version that should be heard by anyone who’s a fan of the tune. This has now become one of my favorite versions, and its recognition on the jam charts is well-deserved. The encore contains some nice acoustic numbers, followed by a wonderful take on Fixin’ to Die. Rev. Jeff Mosier joins the band once again for these last couple of tunes. Overall, this is very solid show with multiple highlights including versions of Bowie, YEM and Slave that are worthy of numerous listens.
, attached to 2019-12-30

Review by Harpua46

Harpua46 This was my favorite show that i've been to (I was at Alpine3 this summer). First show was in 2003 (i'm 34yo so I missed the 1990s, sadly). This show had tears flowing during the Tweezer jam, people around me also wiping their eyes. I had "the feeling I've forgot". I felt like I was truly free and experienced the feeling I had as a teenager when I first started listening to phish - longing for my first show and imagining what it would be like. I've never fully felt that feeling until the Tweezer jam. It was absolutely beautiful. My love for this band may be at an all-time high after 2019. Thank you, phish!!!! -Maggie from Michigan
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Review by FuriousJulius

FuriousJulius Long review ahead: My girlfriend and I did the 4 night run in NYC. We had the same seats all four nights in section 114 looking at page’s beautiful bald spot. Most of our regular crew was not in attendance so these shows felt a bit different. She came down with a cold pre run. On top of this, seats are hard for us, we like to dance and flail about. First couple nights were certainly an adjustment. By night three it was make it or break it time. During the day we ventured out with some local friends and did the overcrowded MoMa that was somehow still worth it. Get to the show and it looks like we have at least one empty seat on each side of us, a tear of joy? Maybe. The guy to my left comes in and we are quickly having an awesome conversation. Things are looking up! [b]Wilson[/b] Ok OK we off [b]Final Hurrah[/b], the guy next to me incorrectly calls it as party time on the first note, we are both pleasantly surprised when its some scandanavian fire. I find the line “I am in a square, dangling in mid air” very apt for Madison *Square* Garden that happens to be 7 floors up. [b]46 days[/b] My brain tries to will the band into playing it just like the Trey Trio did in Nola two years ago, but it ends up being a simply SOLID rendition and nothing too brain melty. Ok [b]Ballad of Curis Loew[/b]. I’ve seen 82 shows at this point, i’ve seen 7 curtis loews. I say something about this inflated stat, my new seat mate and dare I say friend this early into the show? Yes, yes i do; replies “well its my first”, immediately I’m put into a new headspace. What’s this coming around the bend? [b]Blaze on[/b], a song who has become such a jam and energy powerhouse when used well. This version does not disappoint, we find Trey blissfully riffing within a few bars of starting the song, feels like something jerry would do occasionally at the beginning of an eyes of the world when he was FEEELING it man. The jam explodes in a familiar and awesome way getting deep for just a few moments. Next up we have [b]Corinna[/b], a song I wasn’t sure if I’d seen or not and certainly was not familiar with at this point. Side note: while recapping the show with my dad he let me know that its a Taj Mahal song who actually comes from where I am currently living WESTERN MASS. I found the song refreshing and fun, the best kind of bustout. Next we have an incredibly tight [b]Mike’s ->Contact->Weekapaug[/b]. Its as if Mike gordon hand selected all the best oranges and juiced them down into the distilled nectar we crave for our ear mouths. Nothing but the juice, and contact is somehow extra juicy. By this time our small group of three new friends was calling ourselves a team and forging the road to a simply mind blowing second set. About to run is fun but honestly not too memorable but thats OK. [b]MORE[/b] caps off the set in a way that gets me thinking about all the good things this year has seen and we all share in the vibrating love and light. Go TEAM! OK onto the second set. [b] Tweezer [/b]-> Trey is locked in, fishman seems determined. Mike and Page are scheming some sort of nefarious plan. What the fuck is going on? Time and space seem to bend at the bands will, we are transported into a world of pure improvisation. Our consciousness is lifted, the room is a ball of energy. We float in an ambient life force of PHISH pure and unadulterated. This is what we are after. No one is talking, no cigs in our section, the occasional “what the fucccccc” or gasp is all that gets uttered as the band plays on. I like to use the word transcendental for stuff like this. The band and audience are at one in flow. At the end of the jam, Tweezer turns into some sort of song I should probably be familiar with but its lost on me and it frankly doesn’t bother me. [b] Pan story[/b] follows and I loved every minute of it. [b]Ruby waves[/b] is the obvious followup and tonight seems like the perfect canvas for it to paint its beautiful melody. I found myself waking up the following morning with the lyrics bouncing around my head. [b]Steam[/b] follows and provides a nice space for our brains to re-congeal just for a moment. The band, eager to play with its obviously captive audience, decides to weave[b] Steam[/b] into [b]Tweezer[/b] and then back to [b]Ruby Waves[/b]. Nothing like a tweezer reprise that isn’t tweezer reprise if you ask me ;). To cap off this beautiful night the band decides to treat us to a well deserved [b]slave to the traffic light[/b]. When it caps a night like this you can’t help but love every note while you reflect on all that is. The band leaves the stage before encore. Could this really be a 4 song second set? My mind can’t seem to fathom. At any rate the band comes back and brings the NYC vibes with the Velvet Underground’s [b]Rock and Roll[/b] and its def gonna be [i]alllllright now[/i]. We walk out different people than when we arrived. Go team! Go Phish! Mission Accomplished.
, attached to 1999-10-04

Review by LIVEdude

LIVEdude Coming back to this show many times over the years, I really feel it's necessary to give this show a fresh perspective. At the time, this show stood out for the lack of Type II jams and the very short sets. For context, the ISU campus had put tight restrictions on tailgating and the time the venue would close. This caused minor hysteria that led to several arrests (minor "riots") and the band starting early with short sets to rush through before the venue shut down. For those reasons, not to mention the poor fan audio recording due to the small, round venue, this show has been overlooked. That said, if you're a fan of Trey's shredding, this show is nothing short of a must listen! Because of the conscious lack of jams, Trey used the natural acoustics of the room to make his guitar ring throughout. The acoustics were definitely annoying for fans, but you'll notice throughout the night, especially "Sand", that Trey was pushing the limits of the venue to make his guitar soar. On top of that, these are must hear versions of "Jesus Left Chicago", "Rock and Roll", "Sand" and definitely "DwD". Trust me, you didn't often hear Trey going off in this manner as much as he did in this show in 1999. You'll also want to hear "Vultures" (one of my favorite versions), "AC/DC Bag" and "Makisupa". Again, I won't argue this is best Phish show by any stretch, but this is a show that deserves a relisten. Check it.
, attached to 1995-10-22

Review by yam_ekaj

yam_ekaj the possum from this show is absolute must-listen phish. possible the best (read: my favorite) version ever. really wish there was a SBD for even just that song, but the AUD available on the spreadsheet/relisten is pretty sweet bc you can really feel the energy of the crowd. peak after peak in the classic, frenetic-but-controlled fall 95 style. fishman is bonkers, trey shreds and mike and page build tension like it's nobody's business. another sick one is niagara from a month and a half later, just ftr.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by Juliusismypetcat

Juliusismypetcat I hesitated at first to provide a review because I think I'm still processing what I saw a day and a half later. [b]TLDR version:[/b] Solid show overall, and where would you rather be on NYE? [b]Set 1[/b] Martian Monster gets the party rockin with some filth right off the bat. From section 322, the party was full-throttle; a short but sweet opener to get us up and moving. With the opening to Buried Alive, we all knew it was gonna be a great night. AC/DC was standard--but that's still great! Halley's has a special place in my heart, and was welcome in any capacity. However, this longer-than-usual in 3.0 version was excellent. I hesitate to use the "R" word, but it certainly felt like it would have blasted off if given a few more minute to breathe. Alas, Caspian is an excellent set 1 sing along and The Garden is bubbling with smiles. The train keeps rolling for Sparkle. Just a good ole fashioned throw-down. Axilla was fun to experience in this environment and the anthem-rock nature of the refrain was just plain perfect when looking out on the crow of phans screaming "AXILLA!" in unison. Here we pause for some stage banter, which admittedly, we couldn't really understand from up in our area. However, the weirdness was welcome as the entry-point for my first ever Maze. This one has got quite a few bags of goodies to pass out. Don't skip it! I needed a breather after raging the Maze, and I could barely believe the opening notes of Fluff! While not perfectly executed, it was still a welcome /unexpected treat to hear this behemoth. Rise/Come Together sends us packing on the first set with some smiles and high fives. [b]Set 2[/b] For many of us, we like to think we know what the Phish from Vermont have up their sleeve. If you haven't figured out that abandoning your expectations is the only way to really get the most of your Phishing, then I don't know what else I can say for you. Conversely, when the lights went down for the second set, I said, "I feel a PYITE" to my seat partner. Holy cow was that surreal to just "know" it was coming like that!!! (And now I will go my entire life without being able to call it ever again I'm sure.) Wolfman's gets dark and dank with the whole room swaying. This entire set flowed beautifully. Light is magnificent and for this listener's ears, there was a "flavor" of some ABB influences--not necessarily prominent to be called a "tease". The Twist is where it's at if you can only listen to one thing from this show. I could feel my brain liquefy and puddle on the floor around me. This is why we Phish. While I could sense some folks in my section not feeling the Soul Planet, I was most certainly fired up. This one goes for a quick dip into funk-town. While perhaps not jam-chart worthy, I felt it very unique. Mercury continues to be a steady workhorse and never disappoints. My third and final of 2019!!! Finally, a much needed Type 1 Possum brings out the rowdy in us all. Up from the 300's, I felt like I was at a football game with the crowd gearing up for 3rd down of the opposing team. A little extra mustard on our road kill in this one. [b]Set 3[/b] I won't give a detailed account of set 3 because much will already be written and spoken of with the whole Trey being stuck debacle. All I'll say is that I thought the gag was a home run (aside from the technical issues) and the band handled the whole situation with great professionalism. It's a mark of how truly awesome this fanbase is that most people were more concerned about Trey's well-being than for the show to go on (but I mean come on.....we all wanted him to just finish it up right?). The song choices for set 3 were the perfect "jukebox Phish" and I use that term here in a positive manner. Loved the call to play Sand 20 years after Big Cypress. Amazing crowd energy during the quiet parts of WTU? and a clone-produced extra vocals in YEM were all I could ever want. Considering that I have seen two shows in the last yearish with a Tweezer but no Tweeprise, it felt fitting that my 2019 come to an end this way. Rescue Squad the cherry on top of a great time, and happy for Trey to get down safely.
, attached to 2019-12-29

Review by blazeon46

blazeon46 General consensus seems to be that 12/30/19 was the champ, and it's understandable. If you were lucky enough to be in the house you probably still have goosebumps from that Tweezer. Not to mention the 1st set 17+ min Blaze On which should not be missed. That said, I have no problem declaring 12/29/19 as my favorite of the run. Set I highlights: From the opening Turtle which featured the most emphatic HOUSE PARTY cry I've heard yet, to the amazing KDF (UNTIL I DO IT AGAIN!!!) to the bust out and best Beatles cover I've ever seen live in While My Guitar Gently Weeps and then closing with a raging WOTC. And then there was set II. People talk about flow. I've never seen a set that was a better example of flow than Carini>BOTT>Gin>Golden Age>2001>Sally>CDT>Hood. It was honestly like one long incredible jam. Actually, I have seen a set with that flow, it was my first show on 8/12/15 which featured Gin>NMINML>Twist>S&SS>Hood (see some similarities?) But as it was my first show I couldn't appreciate it like I did this one. Show of Life encore made me think about the faces of the friends that I recall, and then to cap it, they set the gearshift for the high gear of our soul. Every night of the run was special, and 12/30 maybe had the biggest individual moments, but for a full show, and the one I'll relisten to the most in the years to come, I'm all about the 12/29.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by mgolia6

mgolia6 S177375 continues to leave these long meandering treatises that clearly seems like they are just begging for the old thumbs down. I have read everyone that I have come across to its completion and would just like to say that these might be a little more well received with a little bit of punctuation. The rambling quality lends to its judgmental nature. Quite possibly if there was more of a focus on grammar and punctuation and sentence structure some of the tangential thoughts could come full circle and add some context to the narrator’s POV. I think we all agree that this is a safe place for everyone to be able to wax intellectual on Phish. Aside from racist remarks, bigotry, etc...which it doesn’t seem are present in any of these submissions (it mostly seems righteous indignation and religious) everyone should have the opportunity to submit. I love hearing different perspectives, I do just prefer when there are judgments made that the structure be taken into account so as to be able to take it more seriously. If that is the intention of the author. If you are just out to get a ride (which is probably the motive) then just keep on keeping on.
, attached to 2019-12-30

Review by FunkyGumbo

FunkyGumbo I don't even know how to begin this review (of 12/30/19). Phans are in the habit of throwing out superlatives in praise of most any show. And although I'm as guilty as anyone on that front, I lament the linguistic results: when a show or jam is truly SPECTACULAR, BLISSFUL, EXOTIC, and AESTHETICALLY AWESOME, the use of those words, in this context, comes with less of a punch. The words become watered down from overuse. Weaker. Less impactful. Aldous Huxley once said that words can be like X-rays, you read them and you're pierced. For just this once, I ask you to suspend your sensitivity to the linguistic norms that have corrupted language within the phish community. Let Huxley's observation apply. Let these words pierce you once again, because last night really was one of those nights. I mean it. First set all around was very strong, as seems to be the pattern this 2019 NYE run. Highlights for me included a very well executed Ballad of Cutis Lowe. Trey had near-perfect tone on this one. Bluesy, lazy, and wailing. A 17-minute Blaze On was the clear highlight. Starting in funk soup, this one soared around for a while, eventually morphing into a funky jazz-fest that rivals any at Newport. And in a first set to boot! Wow! Corinna followed to bring us all into a gorgeous headspace of lovely vocal harmonies. Page shined on the Whirlister, sending soft tones out over horizon. The set ended a bit strangely with uber-short renditions of Mike’s and Weekapaug, sandwiched around a Contact, which itself is, admittedly, always a rare treat. The real sublimity came in set two. A four-song set tells you almost everything you need to know. Almost. For this tweezer was without doubt the most artistic and interesting jam I have ever heard live. After launching out of a beautiful section of on-point tweezer-based jamming, they pressed onward and outward, first into wide and titillating staccato space explorations. At around 21 minutes, they land into an absolutely transcendent post-rock anthem, reminiscent of Talk Talk’s beautiful album Spirit of Eden. This is post rock at its finest. Move over Sigur Ròs. The Phish are in town. All jokes aside, however, I cried during this portion of tweezer. It was one of those really spiritually motivating chord progressions. Know what I mean? Emotions ran. More funk jazz psychedelia followed, into standard bluesy phish rock, into happy happy rock music, eventually taking us all to a “lets go blue” chant to finish it all off, reminding us that even after producing renaissance-quality art, the Phish don’t take themselves too seriously, and we love them for it. "Pan story" antics made us laugh. Ruby Waves jammed too, alluding to the summer’s epic version at Alpine. Back into tweezer. Back to Waves. Wow. A gorgeous if standard version of Slave capped the set. Rock and Roll encore brought the dance party back, with lots of feel good vibes to send everyone home. This show will go down in Phishstory. And I mean it.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by Offshoredrilling

Offshoredrilling Man o man. The fact that at this point in their career this band continues to push the envelope, all for our enjoyment, speaks volumes to their commitment and loyalty. While musically speaking it was going to be impossible to recreate 12-30, NYE was just super fun. And fucking dangerous! It’s 2020 and Phish is at the top of their game. 20 years ago I was walking out of the big cypress set wondering what on earth they could do to top the millennial set. It seemed like that was the defining point of their career. In those 20 years since it is crazy to think about what this band has seen and done. Good and bad. Right and wrong. No clue how much longer this party will continue, but at this point, the greatest rock band of all time is well known. At least by those lucky enough to be in the know. Cheers to you all. Thank you Phïsh.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by axillapt5000

axillapt5000 @jmart said [i]"One wonders exactly what must have been going through Trey’s mind as he lay dangling above 20,000 spun-ass wookster minions. Probably something about fate’s cruel hand. If ever there were an alter fine enough to be dashed upon, this is surely what it must look, and smell, like."[/i] This is a heavy, time-stopping comment/image/notion to contemplate.
, attached to 2019-12-31

Review by berkeleybrian

berkeleybrian Best NYE production in years. Pure magic...a true feast for the eyes, ears, and heart. I guess I need more words for a proper review, but what's to say....awesome Halley's. Wolfmans>Light>Twist gonna get a few repeat listens too. Nice to see Sand get some midnight lovin. And that vocal jam......Shit! That was fun.
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